Hamlet (William Shakespeare)

(Synopsis: coming soon!)


April 20-21, 2011
May 10, 2011

Directors: Siofra McComb, Jonathan Todd
Assistant director: Peter van Dolen
Stage Managers: Rachel Hicks, Astrid Fokkema

Set: Peter van Dolen, Lisette Heijma
Costumes: Myrthe Brouwer
Voice coaching: Peter van Dolen, Marion Elenbaas, Dick Smakman, Richard Todd, Katinka Zeven
Poster design: Leung Wong


Claudius: Peter van Dolen
Hamlet: Jonathan Todd
Polonius: Myrthe Brouwer
Horatio: Lotte Lemstra
Laertes: Rose Stegeman
Voltemand: Adriana Moser
Cornelius: Evelien de Haan
Rosencrantz: Lisette Heijma
Guildenstern: Siofra McComb
Osric: Eva Wijman
Priest: Folmer van Schooneveld
Marcellus: Inge Dame
Barnardo: Sarah Monterazi
Francisco: Eva Wijman
Gertrude: Susan Bailey
Ophelia: Anne Fleur den Haan
Ghost: Matthijs van Zuilen
Rebels: Adriana Moser, Evelien de Haan
Player King: Matthijs van Zuilen
Player Queen: Lisette Heijma

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