Romeo and Juliet (William Shakespeare)

(Synopsis coming soon!)


April 28, 2010
Theater Ins Blau
May 6, 2010

Director: Siofra McComb
Assistant directors: Jonathan Todd, Herman Duchenne
Stage Manager: Lisette Heijma

Set, Props: Lisette Heijma
: Annette Rijsdam


Romeo: Steven Gerrits
Lady Montague: Yelda van Eijk
Benvolio: Myrthe Brouwer
Abraham: Hester Leerdam
Balthasar: Anne Fleur den Haan
Friar Laurence: Egbert Langras
Juliet: Astrid Fokkema
Lord Capulet: Matthijs van Zuilen
Lady Capulet: Rose Stegeman
Tybalt: Jonathan Todd
Nurse: Jodie Mann
Peter: Alexander van Wijk
Samson: Ditmar Bakker
Gregory: Eva Wijman
Prince Escalus: Susan Bailey
Mercutio: Egbert Martina
Count Paris: Walter de Winter
Watchmen: Nadia Petrova, Myrthe Bouwhuyzen

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