Roxy Horror (based on Richard O’Briens The Rocky Horror Show)

Roxy Horror is a musical mash-up, based on The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O’Brien, and Chicago, written by John Kander and Fred Ebb. The story starts when a young American couple sets out to enjoy a night at a drive-in cinema, but gets lost in the forest during the rainy night. Brad and Janet, perfectly ordinary and brimming with morals, knock on the door of a conveniently nearby castle in search of a telephone. Little do they know that they are about to experience things they could hardly have imagined. This is no ordinary castle they’ve ended up in; they have accidentally entered the lair of Dr Frank’n’furter, a decadent ‘sweet transvestite’ from another planet. Frank is about to reveal his latest invention: Roxy, a blonde bombshell made to satisfy his every need. Frank’n’furter’s extravagant lifestyle forces Brad and Janet to discover their own sensuality, and for a moment they seem to start enjoying themselves.

Meanwhile, however, the servants Magenta and Riff Raff, alien siblings from the galaxy of Transylvania, have a plan of their own. It is up to Dr Scott, Brad and Janet’s friend and teacher, to stop them. Groupie Columbia, who immediately fancies Brad, doesn’t make things any easier, and when the stealthy film crew gets in everyone’s face, the confusion is complete. Add to the mix a Narrator who moves through realms of time and space like a knife through butter, and you will soon find that you, too, are dragged into a world of imagination, song, and corsets.

Brad and Janet all too soon find themselves in over their heads, and it is too late now to escape.


June 28-29, 2012
Theater Imperium

Director: Alexandra van Kampen
Assistant director: Vincent Ulmer
Stage Manager: Iris de Wolf

Producer: Anne Fleur den Haan
Artistic Director: Eva Forbes-Wijman
Treasurer: Liduine de Graaff
PR Officer: Myrthe Brouwer

Set: Linda Valkó, Blaise Bachelier
Costumes: Zuzanne du Preez
Props: Iris de Wolf, Elize den Hollander
Hair/Make-up: Anne Fleur den Haan, Zuzanne du Preez
Choreography: Jacqueline Bookstein, Rose Stegeman
Lighting/Sound: Blaise Bachelier, Kaleigh Potts
Poster design: Leung Wong


Narrator: Sarah Sedlack
Usherette: Joy van Dongeren
Brad Minors: Lotte Lemstra
Janet Folly: Jacqueline Bookstein
Riff Raff: Rose Stegeman
Magenta: Anouk Dirkx
Dr Frank’n’furter: Susan Bailey
Columbia: Marijn de Jong
Roxy: Anna McGrail
Eddie / Dr Scott: Myrthe Bouwhuyzen
Directing Phantom: Joy van Dongeren
Camera Phantom: Anne Fleur den Haan

Many Thanks To:
COC Leiden, Gruppo Corso, Japan Museum SieboldHuis, Jonathan Todd.

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