Twelfth Night (William Shakespeare)

Orsino, the Duke of Illyria, is in love with the Countess Olivia. She has sworn to avoid the company of men while she mourns the death of her brother, so she will have none of the count. Meanwhile, Viola has arrived on shore after having survived a shipwreck. Her twin brother Sebastian, however, is nowhere to be found. Viola, no longer under the protection of her brother, decides to dress up as a boy to get a work as a servant at the court of Count Orsino. Orsino sends his new page Cesario (Viola in disguise) to woo Olivia on his behalf. Viola goes unwillingly, as she has already fallen in love with Orsino. And the Countess Olivia falls head over heels in love with Cesario.

Olivia’s uncle, Sir Toby Belch, her servant Maria, and Sir Andrew Aguecheek, who is also hoping to woo Olivia, all plot to expose the self-love of Malvolio, Olivia’s servant, and by means of a false letter trick him into thinking his mistress Olivia loves him. Unaware of the trick, the Countess is horrified and has Malvolio locked up in the dark as a madman.

Meanwhile Viola’s brother, Sebastian, who has turned out to survived the shipwreck, comes to Illyria. The resemblance between Cesario and Sebastian is uncanny and leads to much confusion. Will things work out for the twins?

December 7-8, 2012
Theater Ins Blau

Director: Catrin Simons
Assistant director: Anne Fleur den Haan
Stage Manager: Lisette Heijma

Producer: Iris de Wolf
Artistic Director: Alexandra van Kampen
Treasurer: Liduine de Graaff
PR Officer: Catrin Simons
General Board Member: Eva Forbes-Wijman

Set: Catrin Simons, Lisette Heijma
Costumes: Hanne Kouwenberg, Cleo Foole
Props: Ceriel Fousert
Hair/Make-up: Myrthe Bouwhuyzen, Liduine de Graaff, Jonathan Todd
Music: Joy van Dongeren, Herman Rohrbach, Shelby Ueckermann
Voice coaching: Martina Noteboom, Jonathan Todd
Poster design: Hilbert Eikelboom


Viola/Cesario: Kala Hartman Anaya
Olivia: Anna McGrail
Duke Orsino: Bodwin Simons
Sebastian: Amber van der Graaf
Malvolio: Lotte Lemstra
Feste: Jonathan Todd
Sir Toby: Marijn de Jong
Maria: Rose Stegeman
Sir Andrew: Lotte Stolk
Fabian: Jozef Majernik
Curio: Shelby Ueckermann
Valentine: Eva Forbes-Wijman
Antonio: Demetra Hadjiyiannis
Officer: Myrthe Bouwhuyzen
Priest: Eva Forbes-Wijman
Sea captain: Jonathan Todd

Many Thanks To:
Mr. & Mrs. Stegeman, Leiden University English Department, Elize den Hollander, Tara van der Toorn, Marie Jose Vossen, Henk Vegt, Patrick Schneider, Maartje van Weele.

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