Annelies’ Director’s Diary (2003)

The following is LEF’s oldest Director’s Diary, before it was changed back and forth a few times to Producer’s Diary. Annelies Driessen wrote this back in the day when she directed Much Ado About Nothing, Uncle Vanya, and An Ideal Husband.


April 10, 2003
Dear Diary, today I’m finishing the website so that it will be ready in time for everyone to see it! I have also started to prepare next year’s plays, and it’s making me very excited! Me and Egbert will be keeping track of the progress of the play here, see you soon!
Your loving uberdirektor, Annelies

May 13, 2003
Big decision times coming up. On Thursday auditions for Uncle Vanya, but I’ve also started to think about the other play for next year. Shakespeare, Wilde, Beckett… All suggestions are welcome!

June 26, 2003
I have updated the website for the summer. Vanya has been cast, and some crew has been recruited, but the big thing for me to do this summer is decide on the other play…

September 3, 2003
We just had the try-out for the first-years and everything went great! My stress level has come down somewhat and I’m looking forward to next week. I’m still trying to decide the other play…

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