Egbert’s Producer’s Diary (2005-2008)

This absolutely legendary (and, not least of all, hysterically funny) diary spans a little over three years and was written by Egbert Langras.


Acting Producer’s Log, Earthdate 26-09-2005
After having performed Dear Brutus in the LAK theatre last Wednesday and Thursday, the time comes to look to the future again. Lara has made it quite clear that she will lay down her producer’s duties after finalising everything surrounding our last play. In the mean time, no one seems to be willing to commit themselves to a job as producer for an entire year so we are on the lookout for someone willing to produce the coming play. Until that person has been found, I will be assuming my post from two years ago and will be Ditmar’s acting producer. First thing on my to-do list: the information evening. And making sure Ditmar will be there on time…

Acting Producer’s Log, Earthdate 29-09-2005
Last night we had the first information evening, and it turned out to be an even bigger success than I had hoped for. All in all 20 people signed up to become involved in this year’s play in some way or another, and I was very happy to see that most of them would also like to act in it. Which brings me to the actual play: The Taming of the Shrew. Those people who already knew the play seemed quite happy with it, and I’m positive those who will read it for the first time next week will be happy with it as well. In addition, we have already found a new stage manager (or rather our former stage manager Marlous did) and prospects for a new producer or producer’s assistant also look good On a personal note I must add I find it very hard to NOT audition this year, as there was great bonding last night and I have the feeling that this is going to be a very nice group with fun people and on top of that good acting! I’m looking forward to the read-through!

Acting Producer’s Log, supplemental
Well obviously some things turned out better than I thought, as I found my (and my predecessor’s) old writings again! Or at least most of them; I still miss my entry for last week. I’m afraid that one is lost forever… Somehow the other bits ended up in the Director’s Diary however… Ah well, at least those are back!

Acting Producer’s Log, Earthdate 13-10-2005
Somehow Interpulse changed the system they use to edit pages, and in doing so I lost my entire Log; both what I was writing and what I had already written and saved. The unfortunate result is that all my previous thoughts are lost, and we have to start over with a blank slate from here.
Well, the auditions have been held and the cast is complete! After what must have been one of Ditmar’s toughest nights he was able to draw up a division of parts that I believe is going to work out really well. As soon as he has sent me the list I’ll post it here. Or my successor will, as I feel the time for me to give up this temporary position is nigh, to put it archaically. The only thing left for me to secure is a venue for the coming play, namely the LAK Theatre! If all goes well we should be able to perform our play there again next year September!

Acting Producer’s Log, Earthdate 03-11-2005
It’s been a while since my last update, and that has its reasons, not one of the least being my holiday in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. But I divert as I am not supposed to relate those matters in this place. During the past two rehearsals we have finished blocking the entire play, which means everyone is supposed to know by now where they should enter, exit and where to stand on stage in between entering and exiting. Doubtless there will be many changes still, as well as additions and details that need to be filled in, but we have a solid basis for now. Due to a drop-out we also had a gap to fill, and as of yesterday Micah who helped us out last year with  Mr. Purdie will be taking on the part of Tranio this year. It may also be surprising to still see me writing down these logs here and not yet my successor. Hopefully this will be remedied soon as I will contact the proposed person in the nearby future. When the official papers have been transferred I will officially introduce the person in question here in detail, until then I’m afraid everyone will have to make do with me.

Former Acting Producer’s Log, Earthdate 22-11-2005
Well I’ve received all documents from last year’s Producer Lara, and made an appointment with our new Producer. Last Wednesday we had the official transfer, and save two tasks my work is now done. The first thing I still have to do is make sure the LAK theatre will be our venue for coming year, which I will do together with this year’s Producer. The second task is actually introducing you to our new Producer, although some of you have already seen her during last week’s rehearsal. Our new Producer listens to the name of Annette Rijsdam, and she’s quite familiar with LEF. If you look in the previous plays section of this site, you will see she has taken up quite a few parts over the last years, not the least one being the evil woman in An Ideal Husband. She has agreed to take on all Producerly tasks, and hopefully she’ll be joining us for several rehearsals as well so you will all have the chance to get to know her a little. She was also willing to continue writing in this diary, so I’m hoping to receive a bit of text from her soon. I myself shall remain updating this website, and who knows I might just be allowed to jot a few words down every now and then. All that remains for me to do now is wish Annette good luck, as I’m sure she’ll do a great job as Producer. See you all on stage!

First Officer’s Log, Stardate -317100.06 (or: February 6, 2006 at 12:35 PM GMT, 13:35 CET)
Honestly, I have no idea where else to place this bit of text than where I have put all my others before. Also I thought it right to write a little something again while waiting for the actual Producer to do so (and she promised, so I’ll make her do it before the performance is over!). Also, I don’t know now what my official designation would be, so I simply bung in First Officer to make it sound impressive, but trust me it isn’t. Well, what I wanted to put down here is that things have not gone quite as smoothly as we had hoped. After a flying start, the holidays and the exams after that have really turned a well-oiled machine into a rusty old apparatus. Rehearsals took some time to be planned, and were announced too late, so attendance was less than optimal. On top of that we received word that one of the actors has decided to lay down his commission, meaning we have to look out for a new Hortensio. We have had difficulties before though, and we always faced them headfirst, so I’m convinced they will be overcome again. There are also some very positive notes, such as the group in general having a lot of fun together when on stage, and the rehearsals are going really quite well now we’ve picked them up again. All that has to be done now is create a new rehearsal schedule in time and we’ll be fine.

First Officer’s Log, Stardate -317141.1(or: February 21, 2006 at 12:10 PM GMT, 13:10 CET)
I have decided to stick with the title of First Officer, as no one seems to object to it, and it seems to be somewhat appropriate as well.
Since my last entry we have lost another actor, and we are now looking for a new Hortensio as well as a new Lucentio. Although this course of events might give rise to a slightly disencouraging atmosphere, I have given our director a few recommendations on how to proceed that should be able to turn out successful. What the ensuing course of action is, will be entirely up to our director of course.
Ditmar has also finally written his first bit in the Director’s Diary, and he seems to prefer to take on the title of überdirektor. While this title was appropriate for Annelies when we co-directed LEF during Much Ado About Nothing, I cannot possibly see the logic of Ditmar using this very same title right now. It suggests the existence of at least one more director, where I do believe we all know there is no other captain on the ship. In addition he has broken in to my log entries and put in a sentence of his own, which I removed upon discovery; he has his own diary to fill, and I don’t see the need for him to defile mine (or Annette’s officially, but seeing as she doesn’t write anything I’m claiming this space…).
Tonight’s rehearsal will handle most Katherina and Petruchio scenes, but I do sincerely hope everyone called will show up, as Ditmar changed the list of actors that are called for tonight without issuing any kind of warning. I must remind him to at least update the front page, so people can easily keep track of when the site was last updated.

Council of Accession, first declaration, in the year of Our Lord 2006 on 16 August
Whereas it hath pleased the Powers that Be to have allowed us this past year to have rehearsed in success and joy, and where we continue to assert our strong belief that the performance will enjoy great recognition, we, the Lord and Lady Temporal of this Company, have to announce the initiation of the procedure of the passing of the Crown, as it is the wish of the Blessed and Glorious Director Ditmar to abdicate and discontinue his services in the office he is now holding. We will investigate any option laid out before us, and will proclamate the next Director at our earliest possible convention. We hope for a peaceful and happy passing of the Crown, and pray we shall not fail all participants in proclaiming the right and just person for the office.
Signed: The Council of Accession
Martina Noteboom
Egbert Langras

Council of Accession, proclamation, in the year of Our Lord 2006 on 6 September
We, the Lords and Ladies Temporal of this Troupe, do now hereby with one voice and Consent of Tongue and Heart publish and proclaim that the Learned and Honoured Martina Noteboom is, by the end of the Performance on 14 September in the year of Our Lord 2006, become Director, to whom Her lieges do acknowledge all Faith and Constant Obedience, with hearty and humble Affection; beseeching the Powers that Be, by whom Directors do reign, to bless the Honoured Martina with a glorious and succesful Year to reign over us.

16 November 2006
Allright, after a Star Trek and Renaissance sidestep, back to regular updates. First and foremost you will have noticed that I changed the name of this diary into Eggy’s diary, as this is more my space than anyone else’s, even though there is some quite old material in here which isn’t mine. I’ll keep it in of course, but being the single most senior LEF member I thought I’d deserved a little corner of my own, hehe…
We held auditions last Monday, and they were very tiring indeed. All actors were definitely good, but to cast everyone in the part that fits them best is always a daunting task. That is why it took us an extra day before we made our final decisions, but I must say we have a very fine cast now indeed, containing a good number of freshers and people who weren’t in LEF before, mixed with some good old veterans! From here, I’d like to welcome each and every new addition to our troupe, be they actual fresher or not! See you all at rehearsal!

19 November 2008
Almost exactly 2 years after my last entry… And I’m still here! Old coot that I am. So Peter has taken over in the meantime, and I see that it is good.
Auditions have been held, and everyone got a part. These auditions were, without a doubt, the longest I have ever experienced on the directing side. They were also among the most difficult, although the decision has been difficult every single time up till now. Luckily we can boast a group that has the most enthusiastic LEF actors to date, and if we start looking at talent… well let’s just say this can turn out to be nothing less than one hell of a performance.
The play itself, I have to admit to my shame, I hadn’t really read before (one of the few!), but I’m very happy with Peter’s choice. It’s a very light play, and very openly funny. I couldn’t hold back my laughter at times when I first read the play. There is a lot of material to work with, and I very much agree with Peter that we should give the actors as much opportunity as possible to shape their characters themselves.
Another change for me; rehearsal space. I have to say I was a bit reluctant to use the rehearsal space in Leidschendam (after all, what’s the Leiden English Freshers if they don’t do it all in Leiden?), but after seeing and using the space, I must say I have turned around 180 degrees. It is very big, very comfortable and even homely. The only thing I find less appealing about it is the fact that you have to make sure you pay attention to time, or you might miss the last tram/train. Normally I’d like to hang around until deep in the night, and that’s not possible anymore. Other than that, the space itself is marvellous!
Last thing I’m looking forward to is the rehearsal weekend! The previous rehearsal weekend was back in 2001. We have been trying to organise one ever since, but it’s only that it really seems to becoming reality. Ahhh, the memories of those days, I hope they will be relived, and outdone!
All right, enough blabbering! It’s time to get to work (yes, I’m still applying a form of Study Avoiding Behaviour) and then tonight, rehearsing Act II!

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