The Fox and The Fly

For the past couple of months LEF’s cast and crew have been working very hard to be able to perform for you a modern adaptation of Ben Jonsons’s Volpone. The Fox and the Fly will be gracing the stage MAY 8,9, and 10 at Het Leidse Volkhuis on the Apothekersdijk in Leiden. The co-directors Anne Fleur Den Haan and Lotte Lemstra intend to give the play a surrealistic twist. Drawing on artists such as Salvador Dalí for inspiration, they intend to keep the audience visually entertained not just through the characters on stage, but through the use of deceiving perspectives and moving furniture.

The synopsis: Volpone, a rich man who feigns sick, is now the center of attention. Together with his trusty servant-friend Mosca he has managed to convince the people in the little town of “Generic Italy” that he is ill and dying and looking for an heir. Little do they know that he is not really planning on making any of them his heritor. Mosca schemes and weasels her way into the townspeople’s lives and tries to gain capital through cunning for her master.
We, Kermit and I, strongly encourage you to come watch this debauchery. This production will most certainly draw you right into the lives of pasta-eating, gossip-spreading, fur-wearing, protein-driven, back-alley dealing men and women. They will make you feel happy that you are not written into this story.

Performance nights: MAY 8, 9, and 10.

Tickets are € 8,50 for students and € 12.50 regular price.

The address is Apothekersdijk 33a in Leiden.

RESERVE NOW: email to guarantee yourself a seat.

Warning: we will not be held responsible for any pasta stains that people on the first row, a.k.a “the splash zone”, may obtain. My advice: bring some stokbrood.

Catrin Simons.

Artistic Director.

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