Welcome to the new LEF year!

Dear all,

First of all we would like to welcome all of you to a new LEF year. This little post is meant to welcome you all to a new LEF year and to introduce the new board to you. We are in the midst of starting the new year. We are busy with workshops and auditions. Do not the forget the auditions this monday (22 September) for the Freshers play: Museum.

We are very excited to announce this year’s plays to you.

Freshers play (December): MUSEUM by Tina Howe
Director:  Daphne Lamers
Assistant Director:  Catrin Simons

Main play (May):MOULIN ROUGE by Baz Luhrmann 
Director: Kala H. Anaya

Now let us introduce to you the 2014-2015 LEF Board!

Stuart Edelenbos: Artistic Director
Catrin Simons: Producer
Daphne Lamers: Treasurer
Lotte ‘Charlie’ Stolk: Public Relations

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