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Tina Howe’s Museum is a play that seems to lack an obvious plot—there’s no action, no big conflict, no resolution, and no logical conclusion—but who needs a plot when you have wacky characters and a setting that everyone can relate to. It’s an intentionally ridiculous play that makes some serious points about art and how people relate to it all.

Museum takes place on the final day of a group show of three fictitious contemporary American artists: Zachery Moe, Steve Williams, and Agnes Vaag. Three artists that seem to have nothing in common when it comes to their art, but everything when it comes to the reactions that their art causes throughout the play. They are being exhibited in a major museum of modern art in an unnamed large city. During this final day we meet the 40+ characters that represent the usual suspects who everyone has spotted at least once during a trip to any given museum: art lovers, high school girls, sceptics, foreigners, serious students, lost souls, friends of the artists and, of course, the colourful museum guards.

Museum, gives the audience a rare and interesting look at the ideas of art and culture and is no way a traditional play. With its wildly weird characters and a fresh look at art and culture this might just be the most enjoyable visit to a museum you will ever experience.

Reservations for the play are now open!

Date: December 19 & 20 at 20.30h

Theater Toverlei
Van Diepeningelaan 110a

Tickets: 12.50 (student: 8.50)
Reservations: ticketslef@gmail

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