Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll)


Alice is sitting with her sister on the riverbank and is very bored. Suddenly she sees a White Rabbit running by her. It is wearing a waistcoat and takes a watch out of it, while muttering to himself ‘Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!’. Alice gets very curious and follows him down his rabbit-hole. 

14 and 26 of May
Theather Ins Blau

Director: Catrin Simmons
Stage Manager: Vassia Sarantopoulou


Alice: Amber van der Graaf

Humpty Dumpty: Kim van der Toorn

White Rabbit: Alexia Mallet

Tiger-Lily: Phoebe Tabley

Rose: Beatriz Gomez de Silva

Daisy 1: Lotte Stolk

Daisy 2: Sabina Weistra

Daisy 3: Yselle van der Maas

Red Queen: Suzanne van Dolen

White Queen: Elske Toot

Bill: Lotte Stolk

Pat: Matteo Pasquini

Chesire Cat: Vin Mercelina

The Duchess: Dennis de Gruijter

The Cook: Jur Timmerman

March Hare: Thanos Papanastasiou

Mad Hatter: Kirby Teslenko

Dormouse: Mireille Markus

Tweedledum: Sabina Weistra

Tweedledee: Phoebe Tapley

Caterpillar: Matt Cannock

Footman 1: Mireille Markus

Footman 2: Charles Bird

Card 2: Matteo Pasquini

Card 5: Yselle Maas

Card 7:  Wouter Woltering

Knave of Hearts: Charles Bird

Queen of Hearts: Anna Roca

King of Hearts: Bodwin Simons

White King: Nate

Unicorn: Jur Timmermans

Lion: Matt Cannock

Walrus: Yselle Maas

Carpenter: Lotte Stolk

Jurors: Matt,  Wouter, Kim, Phoebe, Beatriz

Guests of Queen: Lotte Stolk, Yselle,  Sabina, Matteo

Servant, Red Queen: Beatriz Gomez de Silvayse

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