Welcome to Leiden English Theatre!

Leiden English Theatre (or LET, as we affectionately call it) is THE English language theatre group in Leiden.  Are you interested in joining our theatre group? Simply e-mail us at joinus.let@gmail.com. On this website you can find information on everything to do with us, auditions, productions and more.

With all the creativity and talent LET has to offer, what better time to host a fringe? With the current government measures in place, we are unable to do the fringe in theatre, so instead we want to host an online fringe!




Fringe Theatre is all about showing your talents, no matter what they are. It is a space for work that doesn’t fit the usual mould. And that’s what the audience are interested to see. It’s a supportive space where performance art, burlesque, circus, oddball theatre and raw comedy sit side by side. Where experimentation is encouraged and in fact, expected. That’s not to say you can’t do some straight theatre or something tried and tested, but if you have an idea that’s a little bit or a lot left of centre, then show it!

If you have a talent to show off, please e-mail our producer at

All talents are welcome! Do you know an awesome magic trick? Show us! Can you sing? Let us hear those sweat tunes! Are you able to ride a unicycle whilst juggling fire and playing the flute? Be safe, but show us!

The show will be held online through the platform Zoom. A link to the online event will be sent out 24 hours before the show begins.



‘An Evening with Shakespeare, Part II’.

Dear theatre enthusiast,

We wanted to put on “An Evening with Shakespeare, Part II” this June, but it seems we are ourselves caught in a Shakespearean tragedy called Corona. This is why, to our great regret, we will not be able to put on a show for you this semester. We thank all of you that have already bought a ticket, and would like to assure you that your tickets will be refunded. We would also like to thank our cast & crew for all the hard work they’ve put in.

Stay safe, and hopefully we will be able to meet each other in the theatre again next semester.

The LET Board

P.S. Watch ‘An Evening with Shakespeare, Part I’ to get through these hard times.
Stay safe and stay strong










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