Upcoming shows

Leiden English Theatre is proud to present the long awaited and anticipated sequel to one of our original theatre production:

‘An Evening with Shakespeare, Part II’

We have taken different scenes from different plays, monologues of great characters, beautiful songs and emotional sonnets of Sir William Shakespeare in order to bring you this one of a kind theatre show. Expect scenes from tragedy plays such as Othello, Hamlet and Titus Andronicus; scenes from comedy plays such as The Comedy of Errors, As You Like It and Twelfth Night; and scenes from history plays such as Henry V and Richard III.

The scenes will be presented in both traditional and modern settings, showing how the works of Shakespeare can be interpreted in more than one way. Each segment of the show is directed by one director. These directors will bring their own unique style to the story they have chosen to tell. The words of Shakespeare might remain the same, but interpretations vary in our show.


The shows will take place at Imperium Theatre (Oude Vest 33E, Leiden). We have three performances for you to choose from and three types of tickets:

Student €10,- (excl. €0,60 servicefee & €0,55 payment cost)
Regular €12,- (excl. €0,60 servicefee & €0,55 payment cost)
VIP €15,- (excl. €0,60 servicefee & €0,55 payment cost)